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The best electric cars of 2023

The best electric cars can get you around without leaving a cloud of pollution in your wake, and choosing between them is harder than ever. If only because there are so many quality electric cars available to buy right now. That includes the likes of the Ford F-150 Lightning, Kia EV6 and others.

Tesla might be the best known electric carmaker, but it’s far from the only player in the business. In fact several different rivals offer a range of all-electric cars for you to choose from. So whether you want a simple urban runabout or a performance-tier EV, here are the best electric cars on sale right now.

Granted there’s a lot you need to decide on before you choose an electric car. Including whether you should opt for one of the cheapest electric cars, or if the model you want is one of the few electric cars still eligible for the federal tax credit. Plus, if you’re still really struggling, ber sure to check out our guide to 11 electric cars with the longest range and our guide to whether you should buy an EV or hybrid.

Post time: 2023-04-27