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How to Find Hotels with EV Charging

Stay Charged On Road Trips – How To Find Hotels with EV Charging Stations

Whether it’s taking the family on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the coast, heading out for a quick trip to relatives in a neighboring state, checking out a world class amusement park, or booking a wine country adventure, the types of destinations and journeys that lure you onto the open road are vast and varied. And with the fluctuating cost of gasoline, the benefits of electric vehicles have become all the more intriguing to would-be road trippers.

On a long journey, fill-ups in any type of vehicle have a way of adding up, but currently, a full EV recharge only costs around $10-$30 on average. Plus, while finding hotels with EV charging stations had been a source of range anxiety in the past; nowadays, there are more and more tools becoming available to make plotting your journey much easier.

Plan Ahead To Make Finding EV Charging Stations Easier

A lot of the fun of road trips or any adventure is the ability to go with the flow. Being able to pivot on a dime to check out a roadside attraction or stop for a small town cafe adds to the glory of a good road trip. While leaving wiggle room for impromptu stops can add a lot to the overall experience, seasoned travelers understand that a basic plan is always necessary to help guide the trip, often quite literally, in the right direction. For EV drivers, planning stops that offer EV charging can provide a great framework for the entire trip while also reassuring everyone along for the ride that you’ll stay charged. Google and Apple maps, along with many others, offer options to show EVSE along your route. Having a hard copy of this route could also be valuable should Internet service not be available on long stretches of highway or at remote elevations.

Tools Of The Trade: Use Hotel Sites and Charging Network Apps To Find EV Chargers

As one of the most common places to stay while on the road, hotels and motels are good places to inquire whether EV charging is available. More hotel and motel owners, as well as several national hotel chains, have noted the added value that offering EV charging can bring to potential guests. Being able to stop and rest, then wake up with a fully charged vehicle without having to make an additional stop for gas can make long distance even more enjoyable. Here are five national hotel chains that often offer EV charging for guests. 

Post time: 2023-05-09