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Level 1 Chargers

How fast is Level 1 charging?

A Level 1 charger is estimated to deliver 3.5 to 6.5 miles of range per hour of charging. This type of charging takes the longest and is used primarily as an additional, emergency or backup charging solution and for people who can use the charger overnight. Level 1 chargers are not eligible for CALeVIP rebates.

What is the input voltage of a Level 1 charger?

Level 1 charging uses a standard 110V or 120V outlet, enabling EV drivers to use them almost anywhere.

What is the power output of a Level 1 charger?

Level 1 charging power output varies is typically between 1-2 kW of continuous power – approximately the same amount of power as your microwave!

How much do Level 1 chargers cost?

Most EVs come with a manufacturer-branded Level 1 cord set. There are a few third-party manufacturers of Level 1 chargers, most of which are designed for residential use and cost an average of $596 to $813 per charger, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation.

Is a Level 1 charger the right EV charger for me?

Level 1 charging can be a viable solution in multiunit dwellings (MUDs), like apartment complexes or condominiums, and some workplaces. In MUD settings, most Level 1 charging is conducted from existing 110V or 120V outlets in the parking lot or personal garages/carports of residents. When new charging installations are planned, a higher output 220V or 240V circuit is often more cost-effective as it offers greater charging capacity for an equivalent installed price.

Post time: 2023-05-11