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EZD120K2 DC Fast Charger 120KW CCS+ChadeMo+GB/T 3 Connectors

Short Description:

EZD120K2 DC fast charger is specially designed for high protection and high reliability applications with CCS /CHAdeMO /GBT/ AC Type 2 global standard EV charging. High integrated design and IP55 protection standard for harsh environment applications.

Max power upto 120kW and max current up to 250A , and compatible with the voltage from 150V to 1000V.


Key Features:

  • CCS1 or CCS2 , CHAdeMO and GBT support , AC Type 2 cable or socket support
  • IP55 design with high protection and high reliability for harsh environment
  • OCPP 1.6J support
  • Optional CoolRingTM function realize the power transfer between the two chargers which can get max 120kW in one charger
  • Power can also transfer between the two DC connectors, and also can output at the same time for the two DC connectors
  • Max output power upto 120kW and max current upto 250A, and compatible with the voltage from 150V to 1000V
  • Full safety function with output contactor and fuse ,EPO,SPD,RCD, leakage switch,insulation detector protection
  • User friendly interface with tempered glass protective 7" TFT capacitive touch screen LCD
  • Multiple charging modes: Auto basis,Time basis,Amount basis ,Energy basis ,SOC basis
  • Multiple power distribution modes: Stand alone ,Current switch,Plug switch,Full hold,Master slave
  • Internal high precision AC energy meter and DC energy meter, optional VDE and PTB certicification type
  • LAN and optional LTE wireless support, RFID authorization and Mobile App payment support



Product Features

Specification Parameters

Power Suppply
Rated Voltage
Power Factor
Grid Frequency
50Hz or 60Hz
Connector Type
  CCS Combo 2 / CHAdeMO / GB/T
  Output DC voltage range
Maximum Output Current
  600A/300V, 360A/500V, 80A/1000V, Each charging cable's max output current is  200A/1000V  CCS, 250A/750V GBT, 125A/500V CHAdeMO
Output Power Rating
Output Voltage Accuracy
Output Current Accuracy
  AC output (Optional)AC Type 2 22KW/32A
7-Inch touch screen
Charging Method
Cable Length
Cellular modem:GSM/4G (optional)LAN:10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  CCS PLC communication  DIN70121 and ISO15118, ISO15118-20 support in SW update.
  Grid connection/V2G  VDE-AR-N 4105, UL1741SA/SB, G99
Communication Protocol
Operating Noise Level
Ingress Protection(IP/IK rating)
Power Meter
  2 DC energy meter , GB/T 50063-2008 and DL/T 5137-2008 standard, optional VDE and PDB      certification type
Galvanized steel
Product Dimension
  700 x 240 x 1750mm(W x D x H)
Package Dimension
  750 x 1100 x 1980mm(W x D x H)
  Overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, Overvoltage protection, Undervoltage protection  Insulation monitoring Protect. 
  Earth connect monitoring Reverse polarity protection, Overtemperature protection RCD-A main protection and RCD-B for AC connector protection
Certification Standard
EN/IEC 61851-1,EN/IEC 61851-23,EN/IEC 61851-24,EN/IEC62196-1,EN/IEC62196-3
Operating Temperature
-35ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +75°C
Maximum Installation Height
 Charging connector configuration  2 CCS /2GBT /1 CCS+1 CHAdemo / 1 CCS+1 GBT, AC type2 cable
Operating Humidity
5%-95% RH

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