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19.2kWh Storage Lithium Battery 20KW DC EV Charging Station

Short Description:

Stackable EV charging station is a full-integrated DC battery system for EV or residential commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery pack provides energy storage for electric vehicles, solar self-consumption time-based control, and backup.
Stackable EV charging station interface provides a simple connection to any type of EV or home building. lts revolutionary compact desian achieves market-leading eneray density and iseasy to insall, each module is equipped with an independent BMS system, enabling owners to quickly realize the benefits of reliable emergency clean power. Bring energy to your vehicle whereveland whenever it's needed.


Key Features:

  • Small size,easytomove, can adapt to a variety of different scenes
  • Stacked design, easy combination, single energy storage battery module is easy to handle
  • Three to five battery modules can be stacked
  • Single-phaseinput,energy storage battery recharge convenient, you can charge athome
  • Equipped with 4.3-inch display, charging information at a glance
  • Plug andplay,convenient and quick
  • With CCS1, CCS2, GB/T, ChadeMo charge connectors for choice



Product Features

Specification Parameters


Battery capacity of a battery module
Total electric quantity
19.2 kwh
Dc voltage of intemal battery module
Input voltage
Input frequency
Max imum charging current
Charging gun output current
Charging gun output voltage range
Charging connector type
CCS1,CCS2, CHAdeMO,GBT(optional)
Cable length
3 m
Charging mode
Plug and charge
Display screen
4.3 inch
Warranty period
2 years
Control module size
550 mm*370 mm*171 mm
Battery module size
550 mm*370 mm*160 mm
Control module weight
Battery Module Weight (Single)
Operating temperature
-20°C' to 60°C
Recommended operating temp erature
0~ 30°C
Operating altitude
≦ 3000m
Protection class
Noise level

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