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EV Charging Cable Type 1- Type2, Type2 – Type2

Short Description:

Introducing our EV Charging Cable – the essential link between your electric vehicle and the charging station. Our high-quality electric car charging cable is designed to provide a reliable and efficient connection, ensuring your electric vehicle charges safely and quickly. With our cable for EV charger, you'll experience seamless and hassle-free charging every time. Upgrade your charging experience with our dependable electric vehicle cable. It's the wire that keeps you on the road.


Key Features:

Charging type:
Type 1 to Type 2
or type 2 to type 2
Cable length: 5 meters
Material: TPU
Color: Black
Packing size:
H370 x 80 x 370 mm

Power: 3.5KW, 7KW,11KW 22KW



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